East Bay Brats 2

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East Bay Brats Volume 2 brings us back into the fuck club, in this case Lita's dangerous new upgraded demented lezdom dungeon, where Ruby Riots and Courtney Trouble have gotten braver in their switchy service and Chelsea Poe sinks further and further into her submissive roles as lubed-up fuck furniture. Who will come out on top by the end of another delve into the dark underbelly of femme BDSM's best kept secret fuck club?

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EBB V02E01: Ruby's Inspection
Lita Lecherous plays Dr. Lecherous, a devious nurse who puts Ruby in a spider gag and explores her vagina with a speculum before getting Ruby to come violently on the medical examination chair in this excellent medical fetish scene. 

EBB V02E02: FemDom Fourway
Mistress Lita and Ruby Riots are demented dominatrixes when Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble come into the dungeon and submit. Courtney Is dangled from a wooden beam and bound in leather cuffs, while Chelsea is bound in leather to a complicated sex chair, rendering her useless and her head in shadows. Mistress Lita and Ruby go back and forth, teasing and tormenting each submissive slut until they are cumming endlessly - Courtney, bound in plastic wrap to a Hitachi vibrator, is helpless and comes multiple times, squirting twice without penetration. Chelsea gets fucked in the ass with a strap on until she's ready to squirt all over the dungeon floor. Part of EAST BAY BRATS 2 starring Chelsea Poe, Ruby Riots, Lita Lecherous, and Courtney Trouble.

EBB V02E03: Courtney's Playthings
And finally, Courtney Trouble plays a lustful, mischievous Goddess, switching into a toppy role to cover Ruby and Lita in deep purple wax while they both submit to waving multiple orgasms while being encourages to maintain precarious poses while pleasing Trouble with their performances. Forced eye contact and slut humiliation is only a bonus to these two babes, who could vibe off forever if we let them! 

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