Sinn Loves Trouble

When Sinn and Courtney met, the chemistry was instant. Creatively and sexually, Sinn and Courtney are the perfect pair. Steeped in queer sex staples like strap on sex, fingering and fisting, and pussy-splashing oral, these two already knew exactly what to do with each other. Their first scene found the two devouring each other in front of a camera that just couldn't keep up; the result is an electric love scene where Sinn squirts everywhere and Courtney vows to take Sinn's strap on cock the next time.


Sinn Sage and Courtney Trouble in their first scene.

The compilation then continues in chronological order, following the two throughout all of their scenes together. Both lovers of the queer orgy, the film finds the viewer immersed in not one, not two, but THREE group sex scenes. A porny romp in a hotel with Chelsea Poe, where Sinn and Chelsea double-fist Courtney, is the first go at the group sex. Drake ManOWar and Lita Lecherous also join in for two other scenes, where Sinn and Courtney lose themselves in all of the hedonism.

The film includes some special remakes of each of the classic scenes, and also offers two brand new scenes that have never been on film. "Two Producers In A Room" is a unique POV pussy eating scene where Courtney and Sinn find themselves on set with a little time a one goal: to make a super hot pussy eating scene. The other, an epic four-way, is "Hotel Hangout," currently only available on clip platforms.


Length 2.5 hours

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