Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers

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Sinn Sage Studios and TROUBLEfilms is thrilled to present an exclusive release from AVN Award winner, Sinn Sage, Trans Lesbian Lovers.

Sapphic superstar Sinn Sage opens her latest feature with Chelsea Marie, making out in the most luxurious of baths - they couldn’t help but get down and dirty as they tried to get clean! Sinn and Chelsea’s uber hot mack session leads soon to their sucking, fondling, and fucking in the water and then on to the bedroom where Sinn straps on and fucks Chelsea in wild abandon.

Next we find Sinn matched with hot blond, Aphrodite Adams, after two fateful swipes on a hookup app. Sinn and Aphrodite are even more enamored with one another in person, beginning their meet up on the couch with romantic kissing, both so shy at first. It doesn’t take long for their shyness and clothes to peel away as Sinn and Aphrodite undress each other and give in to their passion, trading oral, fucking and cumming together! 

Third up is a sapphic threesome fantasy with Cassie Cummings and real life?? partner Sydney Screams, celebrating in a fancy hotel bathtub on a romantic weekend getaway, when sexy maid, Sinn Sage, accidentally stumbles in, shocked to find them naked together amongst the suds! Shock turns to delight, however, as she’s invited to join the lesbian couple for some delectable, sexy fun!

And in the final scene, we find hot millennial Sophie Ladder languorously playing with herself when stepmom Sinn barges into her room, yet again. However, today, Miss Sophie has had enough of inconsiderate Sinn just ignoring Sophie’s right to privacy, entering Sophie’s room whenever Sinn wants! Sophie takes out her long simmering frustrations on Sinn and we get to see just who’s really in charge in THIS house!

Of Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers, Sinn Sage says, “I love being able to be inclusive with my lesbian work and showcasing the beauty and joy of trans-lesbianism was my goal in this film… one of my creations that I am most proud of. TroubleFilms has been a bastion of queer inclusivity in porn for so many years, which is the primary reason I release my films through their studio. My creations are always supported and encouraged and i'm hopeful my works create a vision of what all different types of queer sex can look like.”




Length 2 hours

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