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The Trans Men of TROUBLEfilms series begins with a six scene compilation of queer porn scenes starring some of our favorite trans male porn performers. With lots of strap on sex, fingering, oral, fisting, and BDSM this film covers a lot of different kinds of sex with super sexy costars. This volume has a lot of femmes and trans masculine representation with some homoerotic energy throughout and one or two very masc-on-masc scenes. The Trans Men of TROUBLEfilms series is meant to expand the representation of trans men in the porn industry by showing the best of what we've always been great at, which is showcasing trans male talent!

With this release, Courtney Trouble has also asked that it is understood that they identify as trans non-binary, and will be including more masculine-of-center performances of themselves in future volumes of this series.


Scene One: Charlie Spats and Maxine Holloway play two partiers who find themselves horny after pride weekend and end up having desperate, horny queer sex.

Scene Two: Courtney Trouble and Billy Castro are real life friends and take it to the next level in this passionate strap on scene that includes a blow job and fisting!

Scene Three: Rex and Mademoiselle star in this long form domestic kink scene where they show us a little of what they do in real life!

Scene Four: Ramses Rodstein and Papi Coxxx play on the idea of a casual encounter for this super sexy queer porn scene with fingering and lots of oral. 

Scene Five: Puck Goodfellow and Juliette March's classic rooftop BDSM scene from QueerPorn.TV finally makes its way to DVD/film

Scene Six: Jade Phillips and Cinnamon Maxxxine try to give Alaya as many orgasms as possible in this award-winning classic scene from NoFauxxx. 

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